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Developing Future Leaders of Integrity
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081 756 8159  |  081 756 8952
29 Vereeniging Service Road (Wisane Road) , Alan Manor, JHB South, 2091
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Calvary Christian College seeks to offer an affordable financial option to middle class parents who want to provide a sound education for children. Calvary Christian College learners write the IEB exam in matric which places them on an equal footing with much more expensive private, independent schools. If you would like the school fees structure for any particular grades please click the button below.

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Calvary Christian College is a renowned Christian learning institution whose mission is set on developing future leaders of integrity. Since the Primary School was established in 1986; Calvary has grown in leaps and bounds and recorded notable and exceptional academic excellence through the years.
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081 756 8159   |   081 756 8952
29 Vereeniging Service Road, Alan Manor, Johannesburg South, 2091
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