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This admission policy has been established subject to the South African Schools Act No 84 1996, the Education Policy Act (Act no 12 of 1998): Admission Policy for Ordinary Public Schools; General Notice 4138 of 2001, circular 29/2007, Education Law Amendment Act, 2002 (amended section 5 of Act 84 of 1996) and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1993. This Policy covers requirements for a learner to be admitted to Calvary Christian College.

• Calvary Christian College has a Christian Ethos.

• In terms of its Christian Ethos Calvary Christian College will admit learners and serve their educational requirements without unfairly discriminating in any way.

• We have been a contributor to the transformation of education in South Africa, acting in the interests of our society and respecting our democracy.

• Calvary Christian College is open to all children from the community. We believe that every child has something to offer and deserves the right to gain from the assistance provided by our staff, irrespective of race, gender or disability.

• It is emphasised that, in the implementation of this Admissions Policy, section 28(2) of the constitution, it will be the overriding factor in consideration of each application. The aforementioned section provides: "A child's best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child."

• By enrolling my child in CALVARY CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, I am expressing my conviction that it is the responsibility of Christian parents to provide Christian training for their children as expressed in Deuteronomy 6: 6-8 and Proverbs 22:6.

• I undertake to ensure that my child is dressed properly for school in the official school uniform, appropriate for the season. I accept that the school has the right to contact me should my child not be suitably attired. I understand that failing to ensure that my child is properly dressed, may result in the school suspending my child.

• I accept that Calvary Christian College is an English medium school and will do all I can to ensure that my child is proficient in the language.

• I realize that from time to time, children will not agree with and criticize their teacher's actions. This being normal for children, I promise, that should criticism occur, I will not support the criticism but will correct my child, support the school staff and call in at the school for more information if I have a query concerning any incident or procedure.

• I further realize that maintaining good relationships with the school staff is my responsibility and I will pray for the school staff, cooperate with them in discipline and support the spiritual training at the school, follow through with any homework assignments or slips to be signed, see that the children reach school on time and generally support the school in every way that I can.

• I also undertake to ensure that the Christian values taught at school are those which will be practiced in our home. To this end I will monitor the friends my child mixes with, the TV he/she watches, the music they listen to and the magazines/books they read.

• I accept the information on the D6 Communicator and Enrolment Document and agree to abide by the rules, regulations and procedures contained therein. I also accept the various policies which have been put in place to safeguard my child and maintain discipline and order in the school.

• Grade R's - The learner must be four years old turning five by 30 June, in the year of admission.

• Grade 1 – The learner should turn 6 in his first year.

• The learner must turn 6 before June of the year in which he/she is enrolled.

• If a request is made to enrol a child of an earlier age as indicated above, an assessment by a qualified teacher will be done to determine whether the child is ready to be enrolled or not.

• High school learners are admitted in grades 7 & 8 it forms part of their High school.

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Calvary Christian College is a renowned Christian learning institution whose mission is set on developing future leaders of integrity. Since the Primary School was established in 1986; Calvary has grown in leaps and bounds and recorded notable and exceptional academic excellence through the years.
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