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About Calvary Christian College

Calvary Christian College is a renowned Christian learning institution whose mission is set on developing future leaders of integrity.

Since the Primary School was established in 1986; Calvary has grown in leaps and bounds and recorded notable and exceptional academic excellence through the years.

We have earned a praiseworthy reputation for placing our learners at the core of our academic activities and grooming them as individuals towards Christian leadership.

Apart from our academic achievements and credentials, we are conveniently located for easy access by learners and parents alike around the communities of Walkerville, Lenasia, Meredale, Mondeor, Ridgeway, Winchester Hills and Eldorado Park.

We are also two kilometers away from Southgate and a mere 6 kilometers from Soweto. For ease of transportation, there is a municipal bus service which passes in front of the school.


Blended learning is the name given to schooling that incorporates both classroom teaching and online learning. We are proud to be able to present this to our learners at the school.


For us at Calvary, we need to embrace blended learning to prepare our learners for the real world: For example, the COVID crisis has forced employees to work from home. Universities are conducting teaching online. The world is going this way and inevitably, schools are going to follow.


We recognise that God created us as social beings and there is a very real need to interact with other people. So presenting face to face classroom teaching and combining that with online learning, is the most favourable solution for our learners.


We have been preparing Calvary’s teachers by moving onto the Google Suite platform. They have completed 5 modules already and by upskilling our teachers, we can provide a better online experience for our learners.

Blended Learning Brings Two Different Worlds Together...